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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject [STATUS] 1.2.2
Date Sun, 20 Jul 1997 19:21:01 GMT
No timeline for the release of 1.2.2.  We seem to be doing just fine.  I
just thought I'd get a status report out there.  Some of the stuff below
has been voted on for 1.3 but unless a voter indicates I try not to assume
that they're voting for 1.2.x.


Already committed:

    * PR#378 part 1: Fix handling of request body in core
    * PR#832: solaris -HUP problem
    * PR#797: fix mod_include logging a little...
    * PR#813,814: obscure proxy stuff
    * PR#94: revisited


    * Marc's [BUG] mod_rewrite and redirect code
	Status: Dean +1
	Already in 1.3

    * Marc's patch for PR#848: treat <files> container like other
	containers in mod_info.
	Status: Dean +1
	Already in 1.3

    * PR#815: get_client_block() returns wrong length if policy is
	Submitted by: Kenichi Hori <>
	Status: Dean +1
	Already in 1.3

    * Dean's MSIE 4.0 PR2 workaround
	With "down-1.0" replaced by "downgrade-1.0".
	Status: Dean +1, Roy +1
	Already in 1.3

    * Dean's [PATCH] PR#421, PR#868: mod_auth_anon logs multiple times
	See PR#868 for the 1.2.x version.
	Status: Dean +1
	Already in 1.3

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