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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Re-org
Date Mon, 14 Jul 1997 02:19:56 GMT
Yup, you duplicate the tree into a new toplevel directory.  Then within
that you can happily move around ,v files and make directories and do
whatever you want.

You don't need to edit CVSROOT/modules.

Once you've rearranged it you should just be able to cvs checkout a copy
of the new repository.  Make sure you like it, and then start doing the
next steps you need to do.  At any time you can blow away your new
hierarchy and start over (blow away any working copies too).

Please please post us a list of pairs "oldname newname" though, preferably
rooted above src.  i.e.:

    src/mod_autoindex.c src/default/mod_autoindex.c

Then for anyone whose working copy of 1.3 has no partial work in it, they
might as well just blow away that old working copy, and check out a new
one from the new module.

For those who have a working copy of 1.3 with partial work in it, do
something like this:

    cd apache
    cvs diff -Nu >../my-work.patch
    cd ..
    cvs checkout apachen  (or whatever we decide the module name is)
    cd apachen
    awk '{print "s#^Index: " $1 "#Index: " $2 "#"}' ../rename-list \
	| sed -f - ../my-work.patch | patch -s

Essentially you generate a patch, then rename all the Index: oldname to
Index: newname, and apply that patch to the new tree.  patch should take
care of the rest ...

I would offer to do it, but I'm too busy for the next week.


On Sun, 13 Jul 1997, Paul Sutton wrote:

> I've got everything ready to do a source re-org. This needs doing after
> Ben & Alexei have finished playing with the NT changes.
> I'm not really sure how to make the changes so we keep file histories.
> Obviously I could cvs rm/cvs add the files, but I think Dean's suggested
> moving the files within the repository after making a new copy. I am not
> sure how to do this, or whether I have permissions. It is simply a
> question of copying /export/hopme/cvs/apache to /export/home/apachenew
> (say), then movng the files within apachen, then renaming apachenew to
> apache? Does CVSROOT also need editing to create a new module?
> If someone with move CVS knowledge could give me a hint, great. Or I could
> post (or make a tar) of the new/patched files and a file which maps
> old-names onto new and let someone else do the hard work?! 
> //pcs

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