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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: FrontPage mod_alias fiddling
Date Mon, 14 Jul 1997 02:05:50 GMT
On Sun, 13 Jul 1997, Gary Wisniewski wrote:
> 	ScriptAlias */bin

Isn't this the same as:

<Location ~ ".*/bin/">
    SetHandler cgi-script
    Options +ExecCGI


I guess Microsoft just lets people put the cgis right into the document
hierarchy.  But should you want to move them around, Alexei's latest
AliasMatch stuff can be combined with the above.

> But also adds
> 	ScriptAlias */bin webuser

And this could be implemented by the above and adding a module that checks
the ownership of a file.  In fact, such a module could be a good place to
deal with all of the various SymLinksIfOwnerBlahBlah hacks we've had float


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