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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: infoworld review
Date Wed, 09 Jul 1997 22:17:17 GMT
On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Rob Hartill wrote:
> Had they asked the group for "fair" hardware and OS recommendations I think
> we'd have come up with something better than a P6/200 with linux.

No, they chose a *dual* P6/200 running linux.  RedHat didn't ship it to
them with SMP properly installed.  Infoworld had to re-install the thing
with single cpu linux 2.0.30.  One of the RedHat guys sent linux-kernel an
apology for goofing this up.  To top it off, infoworld used apache 1.1.3
(which uses scoreboard files on linux, and is missing the networking

Regarding what came out of the discussion on linux-kernel about this: we
should be using mmap().  I don't know how FreeBSD handles mmap(), but
linux at least, according to the kernel goons, will always win with an
mmap(), no matter the file size. 

Recommending something other than linux is a religious issue.  2.0.30 is
one of the fastest tcp stacks around.  Apache 1.2b9 is one of the
applications they used while tuning 2.0.30.


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