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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Is HARD_SERVER_LIMIT necessary?
Date Wed, 09 Jul 1997 17:02:43 GMT
On Wed, 9 Jul 1997, Marc Slemko wrote:
> Note that this would also require some changes to the scoreboard file,
> which could be difficult on some OSes with broken mmaps (ie. growing
> mmaped regions) and with gracefull restarts (the structure will change
> without child processes knowing about it). 

graceful restart including a MaxClients increase is what makes this really
difficult.  The children don't actually need the new larger scoreboard... 
but the parent needs to keep the old scoreboard to preserve the
min/maxspare semantics.  In theory you could just have the code allocate a
new scoreboard when required, copy the old child data into the new
scoreboard, and proceed as normal.  The old children won't be playing with
their scoreboard in a way that we care about after a graceful.

> If you look at doing a patch, be sure to do it against 1.3 since some
> things have changed in that area.



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