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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject suspended PRs
Date Tue, 08 Jul 1997 02:48:19 GMT
Here is a list of suspended PRs which contain patches.  I'm voting on the
concepts.  If any of them get enough support then me or someone else can
make them up into patches against 1.3 and commit them.


41	Diffs to add relational (<,>,<=,>=) string tests to mod_include. 

73	reporting of referer in error_log 
    The patch is kind of broken -- it should only issue a single
    fprintf, multiple calls lead to interleaved log messages.

78	Additional status for XBitHack directive
    Adds "XBitHack FullNegated" to invert the meaning of xbithack full.

537	mod_access syntax allows hosts that should be restricted 
    Require a leading . to cause wildcarding.  i.e. is
    wildcarded, but isn't.

759	imap should read <MAP><AREA>*</MAP> too!
    mod_imap needs a total rewrite (see PR#7 for example).  But this is
    a good feature.


258	I would like to do: ln -s foo.html
	and have it work. 
    I'm not 100% against this, but I don't like it.  It doesn't
    really add anything imho.

557	~UserHome directories are not honored in absolute pathname requests
    The patch presented makes pfopen() grok ~ expansions.  I'm not sure
    this is a Good Thing.  But what the user is attempting to do is


385	Support for comment area in active configuration lines
    The patch is broken.  Consider <Files ~ /#>, used to match files
    beginning with #.

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