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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject [STATUS] 1.2.1 release tarball available
Date Thu, 03 Jul 1997 06:18:17 GMT

You'll find:


Since I'm taking off for the weekend I'll assume someone else will do the


Already committed:

    * off-by-1 bug! in pregsub
    * slack fd, and reordering of log/socket opens
    * PR#705: alpha and sparc linux tweaks
    * PR#566: mod_status dumps core in inetd mode
    * PR#383, PR#388, PR#399, PR#327, PR#511: portability fixes
    * PR#752: be more aggressive when doing make clean
    * PR#94: Content negot fails unless each varient has a charset
    * various security problems (+ mod_cern_meta fix)
    * mod_rewrite 3.0.5 -> 3.0.6
    * give me useless text, not useless errno
    * increase shmget error verbosity under linux
    * PR#742: mod_include was not properly changing directory
    * whack people upside the head if they try to run apache as root
    * PR#644: QUERY_STRING bogosity and mod_include
    * PR#353: symlink permission problem
    * PR#773: string.h is ANSI, strings.h isn't.  Use string.h.
    * LockFile directive and USE_FLOCK changes
    * modules/Makefile tweak to avoid warning on hp/ux
    * Makefile dependencies updated
    * PR#333: rlim_t already defined on AIX 4.2
    * r->begun_read_body (changed to r->read_length)
    * PR#695: SCO and -K noinline


    * Marc's Very strange bug in mod_dir

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