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From Stanley Gambarin <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] loglevels (continued)
Date Mon, 28 Jul 1997 16:46:13 GMT

On Sat, 26 Jul 1997, Randy Terbush wrote:

> #define APLOG_INT		0x1314	/* fatal Apache error occured, abort */
> #define APLOG_FATAL		0x1203	/* fatal system error occured, abort */
> #define APLOG_TERM 		0x1102	/* Apache had to terminate */
> #define APLOG_CNF_ERROR 	0x1012	/* config error, cannot continue */
> #define APLOG_CNF_CONFLICT 	0x1001	/* config conflict, cannot continue */
> #define APLOG_CNF_WARNING 	0x0000	/* configuration warning */
> #define APLOG_ERROR		0x0314	/* error occured, submit bug report */
> #define APLOG_SERIOUS		0x0203	/* serious error, check the docs/faq */
> #define APLOG_WARNING		0x0102	/* warning, investigate */
> #define APLOG_INFO 		0x0001	/* general information */
> #define APLOG_DEBUG	 	0x0000	/* cause we are humans */
	a. APLOG_CNF_WARNING and APLOG_DEBUG define same number... IMO
its bad, as one can not infer the cause for error from log level.
	b.what's the diferrence between APLOG_DEBUG and APLOG_INFO ?
Which one is used to provide a "trace" information , like whch function
am i executing now ?? etc... This would be good for tracing the order
of function executions in the server
	c. is there any way to automatically print each function that gets 
called, so that i can follow what's going on... I was thinking  about 
providing something like 
#if define(TRACE_FUNCS) 
#define some_func() log_trace(some_func); some_func()
	for all functions (this can be done automatically by some tool) Is
this a vaiable idea ??

	d. (big one)  This is regarding logging mechanism:
	- (support for) external logger
	- all logging is done via UDP packets

	Reasoning: no need for the server to create/maintain additional
process/socket for logging.  Since logger and web server would usually
run on the same machine, loss of the UDP packets is 0 (i think).  Some
web people do not care about logging as much as others, so they really do
not objecxt to losing a few messages.  Ordering of the messages is not 
very important, as one can always reoder them based on timestamp. Finally,
multiple web servers running on same intranet can log all accesses to 
the same log, without the need to merge logfiles later on.

Just some random babble...

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