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From Stanley Gambarin <>
Subject website: feature request
Date Thu, 24 Jul 1997 16:06:13 GMT

	Is it possible for someone who is maintaining the website to 
provide another form (similar to bugdb.cgi) to allow for people to submit
the "feature requests" (FR) that they would like to eventually see in the 
apache.  This would  augment to-do to allow people from outside to 
suggest ideas.  There are numerous advantages:
	- better user feedback (implement stuff that people are interested
in), not just what apache developers can come up with.
	- give some people who would like to contribute, the ability
to actually contribute something useful.
	- collect ideas for 2.0 and beyond
	- other advantages that i can't think off right now

Example form input:

Date: 07/24/97
Contact Email:
Module: mod_autoindex
	agument mod_autoindex to allow display of collapsable folders,
modeling after windows explorer, where clicking on "+" before the 
directory entry would show the directory contents within current page.

				What do people think about this ???
			 	(FR idea that is )

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