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From Stanley Gambarin <>
Subject code cleanup (2)
Date Tue, 22 Jul 1997 15:35:07 GMT
(a)	The previous message regarding 
#if defined (STUFF)
#	define func ()  /* nop */ 
	should have stated that above would improve readability of 
the source code without affecting any functionality.

(b) 	Can someone please change the function prototypes
and definitions to contain either struct pool or pool, as mixing both
produces inconsistency and is not good (IMO - i never humble)

(c)	Regarding module exports functions in alloc.[ch]
	- copy_array_hdr() is not used anywhere and is highly
implementation dependant.  In the fight for the abstraction, this
function should not be exported.
	- note_cleanups_for_[fd|socket] should not be exported.
	- pclosesocket() - is this function used anywhere at all ???
	- note_subprocesses() - also should not be exported.

(d)	Memory pool stuff
	- pstrcat() will return a character (with undefined value) if
no  arguments are specified.  It should instead return NULL.
	- all functions accepting pool *p as one of the parameters
do not check if p is NULL.  Some developers may want to pass p=NULL
to allocate memory from the global pool.  Either checks should be made
for NULLness or the behavior should be documented.

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