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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject 1.3a1
Date Tue, 15 Jul 1997 00:06:35 GMT
We had discussed releasing a 1.3 public alpha on the 15th, which is
tomorrow. I don't think at the moment that would be appropriate.

Ben is in the middle of reorganizing the NT source and makefiles to make
use of the DLL capabilities I submitted last week, and hasn't
finished. It would be very confusing to release the server at this

Also, there is little or no documentation on using the Windows version of
the server. There's Ambarish's README.NT file (modified slightly by Ben),
which applies to an older version of the code and is less than completely
helpful to the current situation. I plan to write some docs on basic
Apache/Windows compilation/setup/configuration, but can't do so until the
dust from Ben's reoganization settles, and some things are still up in
the air.

So, assuming Ben finishes quickly, how about Friday? That should be
enough time to get everything set (I won't be available most of Thursday,
anyway, and Wednesday is too close). I'll volunteer to package up the
release, if no one else wants to.

Also, there's a question specific to this alpha release: In addition to
releasing the source package, as we always have, we've discussed
releasing a Windows-specific binary package that (unlike the Unix
sources) contains the binary, no source, and DLL versions of the optional
modules. This would be for the vast majority of Windows users who not
only don't want to compile the server, but don't own a compiler, don't
know what one is, and want nothing to do with it.

The question is whether we want to do this for 1.3a1. In other words, do
we want to make this release of Apache available for all Windows users,
or just those with compilers? The rationale for the latter would be to
cut down the testers to those who presumably know what they're doing and
would report bugs in a realistic fashion. It would, however, cut down
substantially on the amount of people who might try out the package.

Any thoughts?

-- Alexei Kosut <>

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