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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: making logresolve faster
Date Sun, 27 Jul 1997 20:47:01 GMT
On Sat, 26 Jul 1997, Dean Gaudet wrote:

> Ideally the hash wouldn't be kept on disk.  Or you should at least make
> some effort at timing out your cache entries.

I'm not a particularily big fan of the keep-on-disk club, largely because
my nameserver is up for weeks or months anyway, and it handles expiration
better than any cache code I would write would.  I do see the attraction
of it though.

> Look at, I think it's called, "libar" or something like that, it's with
> contrib in bind.  It's an asynch resolver... no need for threads, I think
> it's select event model. 

I didn't look hard, but it seems to me that it queues up requests and
executes them sequentially, not simultaneously.

Same problem as using threaded DNS resolution; some systems have calls to
do it, but they still serialize the lookups.

> Dean
> On Sat, 26 Jul 1997, Marc Slemko wrote:
> > I then decided that since it was obviously network limited, I should try
> > multiple lookups at once.

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