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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: suspended PRs
Date Tue, 08 Jul 1997 03:24:03 GMT
On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Dean Gaudet wrote:

> Here is a list of suspended PRs which contain patches.  I'm voting on the
> concepts.  If any of them get enough support then me or someone else can
> make them up into patches against 1.3 and commit them.

I don't like committing patches based on +1s on concepts.  More on actuals
when I get time, just a few quick comments for now...

> +1:
> 41	Diffs to add relational (<,>,<=,>=) string tests to mod_include. 
> 73	reporting of referer in error_log 
>     The patch is kind of broken -- it should only issue a single
>     fprintf, multiple calls lead to interleaved log messages.

+1 on this one, but not the patch.  My question is: is it worthwhile to
keep the format the same as NCSA uses?

> 78	Additional status for XBitHack directive
>     Adds "XBitHack FullNegated" to invert the meaning of xbithack full.

I'm not overly happy with this.  It is getting so ugly...

> 537	mod_access syntax allows hosts that should be restricted 
>     Require a leading . to cause wildcarding.  i.e. is
>     wildcarded, but isn't.

I like the change, but worry about the impacts...

> 759	imap should read <MAP><AREA>*</MAP> too!
>     mod_imap needs a total rewrite (see PR#7 for example).  But this is
>     a good feature.

A very total rewrite.  There are still a couple of possible infinite loops
in there too...

> +0:
> 258	I would like to do: ln -s foo.html
> 	and have it work. 
>     I'm not 100% against this, but I don't like it.  It doesn't
>     really add anything imho.

Intersting idea.  Still thinking but, like you, I am worried about it.

> 557	~UserHome directories are not honored in absolute pathname requests
> 	(.htaccess)
>     The patch presented makes pfopen() grok ~ expansions.  I'm not sure
>     this is a Good Thing.  But what the user is attempting to do is
>     useful.

Like the concept, have to think about implementation.

> -1:
> 385	Support for comment area in active configuration lines
>     The patch is broken.  Consider <Files ~ /#>, used to match files
>     beginning with #.

I don't particulary see this as worthwhile, but I will think about it...

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