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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject list of open PRs
Date Sun, 20 Jul 1997 18:50:55 GMT
PRs are there to be solved.  Lend a hand.  As a special bonus, anyone
closing a PR gets 5 bonus Apache Guru points.  This week only.

 Num Category State    Sypnosis
 139 mod_dir  analyzed AddDescription
 173 mod_prox analyzed ProxyRemote doesn't seem to work for https
 241 config   feedback HTTP media parameters cannot be defined with Apache conf
 314 mod_prox analyzed Truncated (short/invalid) files are proxy-cached. Ought 
 330 mod_auth feedback Auth_MSQL
 344 os-osf   analyzed don't store 64 bit pointers in 32 bit integers
 378 protocol analyzed Wrong behavior on an OPTIONS request
 379 config   analyzed <Files> within <Directory> or <Location> directive?
 431 mod_dir  open     mod_dir directives not allowed in <Directory>?
 463 os-osf   feedback virtualhost support functionally broken
 467 config   open     possible starved listening sockets -- httpd stops respon
 477 config   feedback warning about a missing 'regex.h'
 482 os-hpux  analyzed OS Regex seems to be broken - need to set WANTHSREGEX=ye
 484 general  feedback Error Code 304
 487 mod_rewr open     Indexes Option fails after a mod_rewrite
 542 os-solar open     accept: Too many levels of remote in path
 543 mod_cgi  open     "%2F" not allowed in VGI script PATH_INFO
 570 mod_rewr analyzed ReWriteEngine On not inherited from general server confi
 586 document feedback Clarity on <Location> usage
 589 mod_prox analyzed Proxy caches error also
 592 general  open     httpd exits on Signal 11 in inted mode after keep alive 
 603 general  analyzed Incorrect return values in mod_example
 618 general  feedback HANG of server/kill -HUP releases
 620 config   feedback FIX TO BUG #605
 622 mod_auth analyzed gdbm user authentifcation not functioning
 626 document feedback One doc error and one clarification for mod_auth_anon
 632 mod_cgi  analyzed some CGI scripts are downloaded instead of executed
 641 os-solar analyzed compiles OK, but configuration error in starting httpd
 649 mod_nego open     Adding a little cachability to HTTP/<=1.0 type-map respo
 656 mod_rewr analyzed Problem with mod_rewrite and proxy requests
 659 mod_prox analyzed mod_proxy hits log %{Content-type}o incorrectly.
 667 config   analyzed with this release of aix, -lm is required due to changes
 668 mod_prox analyzed Two problems with user:password@host URLs
 671 mod_prox analyzed server access restrictions apply to proxy requests
 674 mod_cgi  feedback Environment variable REMOTE_USER not being set.
 675 suexec   open     Apache passes wrong value to suEXEC in regards to virtua
 677 other    open     Having trouble with compilation of C++ code using some h
 682 suexec   open     suexec does not work for Virtual Hosts
 683 os-qnx   analyzed mmap() support for scoreboard handling
 684 config   feedback broken compilation of utils from support directory
 686 general  analyzed "couldn't spawn child process" on a moderately busy webs
 687 mod_prox analyzed directory cache full of persistent tmpxxxxxx files
 692 general  analyzed HTTP server process (child) dies for bad requests with S
 697 mod_incl analyzed A security tweak I've been using for a few years for SSI
 700 mod_prox open     command interpretation
 704 general  feedback VirtualHost relative paths are being over-ridden by glob
 708 document analyzed DBM autorization not working.
 710 config   analyzed IP-based VirtualHosts Broken.
 715 test     open     Valid synopsis
 717 config   analyzed Strange behaviour of AccessConfig
 721 config   open     compiling in irix 6.3 with n32 bit libraries
 722 general  open     SymLinksIfOwnerMatch and root-owned links
 723 config   open     Makefile for src/modules fails if no contrib modules are
 728 mod_cgi  analyzed no ScriptLog written
 729 document open     Bad links in the included documentation and Apache web s
 732 os-dgux  analyzed Missing symbols when linking
 733 os-hpux  open     shared library problem running apache 1.2.0 on hpux 10.1
 735 mod_auth open     require user/require group step on each other
 737 other    analyzed Server not protecting CGI programs
 738 config   analyzed failed install of IndexWidth.patch for apache 1.2.0
 741 suexec   open     Apache fails to find and use suexec
 743 config   analyzed 'make' generates errors
 747 mod_prox open     Proxy caches documents even if transmission was interrup
 748 mod_imap open     imap_url() loops if map file has value above server_root
 749 other    open     Bugdb queries against categories containing '-' and/or '
 750 protocol feedback pdf files won't display in acrobat 3.0 plugin in Netscap
 754 general  open     GMT timestamps sometimes falsely claim to be PDT
 757 suexec   open     suexec not working (as before)
 761 mod_stat open     server-status displays zero values for SS Conn Child Slo
 762 mod_acce analyzed need ability to do "allow from" with subnet mask
 763 mod_prox open     Apache dies with a segfault when attempting to proxy thr
 767 config   analyzed FollowSymLinks not working.
 769 general  analyzed error_log: send body lost connection
 771 mod_prox open     tmpXXXXX files left behind in top-level proxy-cache dire
 772 mod_auth open     Satisfy ignores <Limit> context
 778 config   analyzed server-info disappears after resetting the logs
 783 config   open     RLimitMEM, RLimitCPU, hard limit ignored when userid is 
 784 mod_incl analyzed IncludesNOEXEC prohibits execution of Action in <!--#inc
 785 document open     Proxy directives also in <VirtualHost>
 793 general  open     RLimitCPU and RLimitMEM don't apply to all children like
 794 mod_dir  analyzed Authentication performed multiple times when searching f
 795 general  open     a flood of signals can confuse reclaim_child_processes()
 800 general  analyzed umlaut o () in a URL doesn't work
 811 general  open     Choose your nearest mirror - where are they?
 812 mod_prox open     URLs other than http: scheme are not properly analyzed w
 816 mod_prox analyzed Proxy hangs with java
 817 mod_acce open     htaccess ignored if unreadable...
 821 config   feedback Virtual Hosts index.html not found
 822 mod_prox open     errors writing and linking to cache-files
 829 mod_cgi  open     ScriptLog eats STDERR when script returns ok (Followup t
 832 general  analyzed sending a kill -HUP to httpd will cause it down.
 840 mod_incl open     #include cmd="/directory" should report a more meaningfu
 844 general  open     Acrobat Plugin and Communicator
 849 os-aix   analyzed Serialized accepts (USE_FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT) for AIX
 855 mod_auth open     Case Sensitivity in mod_auth
 866 config   analyzed Compile error in http_core.c, function set_rlimit()
 867 config   open     satisfy tag in .htaccess allows access from all
 869 os-aix   analyzed will not compile
 870 mod_prox open     mod-proxy runs like a redirect directive in a particular
 871 suexec   open     In inetd mode, "Configuring Apache..." appears in browse
 872 config   analyzed error message beginning with "accept: (client socket):..
 874 mod_prox open     serving from proxy cache when orig server not available
 875 protocol open     force-response-1.0 bug
 876 general  open     path-info should not be urlencoded
 878 os-aix   open     Server stops responding when a socket gets stuck in the 
 885 general  analyzed After a period of time (not found to coincide with serve
 887 general  open     Question - CGI in memory

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