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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject outdated information in info directory
Date Tue, 01 Jul 1997 22:15:37 GMT
Some comments on a few of the files in the info directory...

                           [APACHE DOCUMENTATION]
                      Apache Miscellaneous Information
   Below is a list of miscellaneous information related to the Apache web
   server development project.
   [1]AOL and HTTP/1.1
          A description of AOL's poorly thought out decision to try to
          force their own standards on the web.
   [2]Apache and Windows NT
          A description of the current progress of Apache for the Windows
          NT platform.

Out of date; needs to be updated for 1.3 plans.

   [3]Apache on Linux
          Information on using Apache under Linux.
An out of date page, but links to one that seems to be more up to date.

   [4]Apache Users
          A list of a very few of the many sites running Apache.
Is this still being maintained?  Randy?

   [5]How to mirror
          A description of how to setup your site as an Apache mirror.

If we need SSI, this should be updated.
   [6]JDK 1.0.2
          Explanation of problems encountered when using Sun's JDK v1.0.2
          with Apache 1.2 and later.
   [7]Organizations providing Support
          A list of organizations that provide third-party commercial
          support for the Apache server.

Probably a bit dated...
   [8]Three Config Files
          An old explanation of why Apache has three separate config

Bit old too, but no reason not to keep I guess.

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