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Subject Re: Review of Apache
Date Tue, 15 Jul 1997 17:35:20 GMT
> In particular, the "we want to connect to a Microsoft SQL server" bit
> concerns me.  I would probably suggest we point them at PHP and its ODBC
> connectivity.

mod_php's ODBC connectivity is not ready for primetime yet.

> >*As part of this evaluation, we want to do a connect to a Microsoft 
> >SQL Database that we will have sitting on another server.  We are 
> >asking for the vendors' best advice as to how to do it with their 
> >respective product ,and for them to provide the software to do it if 
> >they have it available.

mod_php currently supports mSQL 1.0.x, mSQL 2.0.x, Postgres95, PostgreSQL,
MySQL, FilePro, Illustra, Sybase, Oracle and Solid.  ODBC support is being
tested, but I am not really comfortable with it yet.  Why the heck are they
limiting the test to only MS SQL?  It would be nice if they would also 
compare how many of the other web servers can talk to all the various
free or nearly free databases out there.  A lot of people don't have $1200
to throw at MS SQL Server (myself included).

Doug, any ODBC Perl module that works with mod_perl that we can suggest?

If not, I will try to get the mod_php ODBC support up to speed.


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