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Subject Re: locale
Date Thu, 03 Jul 1997 20:25:16 GMT
> How does that affect performance?  Will the "inherit_locale" variable be
> checked with every log write, with every DATE_LOCAL env variable set, etc?
> If not then +1.  If so, I'd prefer a compile-time directive.

The locale really has nothing to do with the log stuff.  It is just one
thing that could be affected by the locale.  And it is only because of
the moronic common log format.  I don't know what people were thinking
when it was decided that the month shouldn't be listed numerically.

Lots of things that can be called from Apache prefers the setlocale(LC_ALL,"")
as opposed to the setlocale(LC_ALL,"C").  Right now, mod_php goes ahead
and does a setlocale(LC_ALL,"") which can then affect log entries for all
following requests from that process.


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