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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: solaris HUP blues
Date Sun, 27 Jul 1997 03:23:28 GMT
>> In any case, I'd personally prefer it if the slack code was disabled
>> if the number of listeners is less than 5.
>Erm... the number of listeners is often very unrelated to the number of
>file descriptors.  We have servers with many hundreds of file descriptors
>with no Listen directives, ie. one listener.

Hmmm, maybe I'm just confused.  The goal of the slack changes was to move
some descriptors that don't use stdio (primarily the sockets) above the
slack line so that the stdio and resolv descriptors would have room below
the line.  However, on most single-org (non-ISP) sites, only one or a few
sockets are ever used per process, and thus duping the socket to move it
above the line is just a waste of time.

So, the question is which of our configuration variables/structures can
be read to see how many per-process sockets are needed, and can we change
the slack code so it doesn't do anything if that number is low?

Of course, if we are actually talking about a per-user or per-process-group
limits, then I'm trying to solve the wrong problem.


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