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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] PR#378 part 1: Fix handling of request body in core
Date Sat, 19 Jul 1997 19:13:06 GMT
>This looks fine to me, +1.  But what happens when things like mod_status
>are sent a request body they don't handle?  I thought the core took care
>of that already.  If not we've got a few little bugs to fix up.

You betcha -- bugs all over the place.  mod_cgi, for instance, frequently
returns without reading the body.  Things like that should be easier
to fix now that we have discard_request_body().

>On the topic of 1.2.2, I am totally surprised that the solaris HUP thing
>has not proven to be as large a problem as it first seemed.  We've had
>only 2 or 3 PRs about it.  It probably helps that known_bugs is so
>explicit about the solution, but I expected far more reports of problems.
>Maybe nobody HUPs their servers :)

I think the notice on the download page also helps.  BTW, you should
commit that patch to 1.2.X -- even if we don't release it, I'd rather
have it in both trees.  Same goes for the other bugfixes.


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