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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Unixisms in Apache NT
Date Tue, 08 Jul 1997 06:34:30 GMT
Alexei Kosut wrote:
> As distributed, Apache cannot be compiled on NT. A couple of things need
> to be done first, that I think we could get rid of, without impeding
> either the NT or Unix versions of Apache:
> 1. The regex library's Makefile generates headers files (*.ih), which are
> included by the regex files. This uses sh, sed and egrep, and needs to be
> done with Unix (although maybe it would work if you had DOS ports of those
> utilities). It seems to me (from a cursory examination), that these files
> are identical, no matter what OS they are produced on, and that it would
> not make one iota of difference if we removed the mkh lines from the regex
> Makefile and included the files with the distribution. Yes, it would
> change slightly Apache's regex library from the Spencer distribution, but
> it would be only changing the Makefile, not the source. I think it's
> acceptable; it'd be a big win for Windows.

You need to leave mkh in, but distribute the .ih files, IMO.

> 2. DOS line breaks are different than Unix ones. Unix (I believe) uses a
> single line feed, Windows uses cr-lf. Now, MSVC++ can handle source files
> with Unix line breaks. It cannot, however, handle makefiles with Unix line
> breaks, as the various *.mak files in the distribution currently have. I'm
> curious as to why we don't just slap DOS linebreaks on them - they'll
> never be used on Unix, so is it really neccessary to make the person
> compiling the server convert them first?

Unfortunately, CVS carefully removes them for us, but I guess it could be done
at tarball time.



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