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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Source re-org / Don't Panic
Date Sun, 27 Jul 1997 11:35:58 GMT
Paul Sutton wrote:
> First: Don't Panic about recent commits to Configure etc. They are in a
> separate source repository (apachen).
> Second: I've finally made a new repository (yes, apachen), which contains
> Apache after the great source re-org. If you want to try it, simply
> checkout apachen (cvs co apachen) then use it as normal - cp
> Configuration.tmpl Configuration; ./Configure. Everything _should_ work
> pretty much as before.
> Under the hood, all the source files have moved: all modules previously in
> src are in modules/standard, other source files are in core, os specific
> files are in os/{unix,nt,emx} (currently empty) and support is now under
> src rather than the root.
> Configure now does not know about the requirements of modules - modules
> can supply information required at Configure time either within their
> source or from a separate .module module definition file. See
> mod_auth_dbm, mod_auth_db and mod_status for examples. This can make
> distributing binary modules easier.
> Modules can exist in arbitary directories (typically, other directories
> within src/modules), making adding third party modules easier. These
> additional modules can come with very simply makefiles which just contain
> dependencies - Configure will add all the other rules necessary to build
> the modules (see src/modules/standard/Makefile.tmpl for an example).
> The Configuration file "Module" lines have been replaced with "AddModule",
> which does not need to be told the module's C structure name (which added
> complexity and risk of typos when adding thirdy-party modules).

Sounds very cool. Have you given any thought to how this will work with



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