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From Sean McDermott <>
Subject Re: Response to the NT announcement (+NT suggestions)
Date Thu, 24 Jul 1997 17:05:03 GMT
> Although it's for certain that binaries will be made available
> for the golden 1.3 release (and maybe some betas), the group is depending
> on NT people, who have the experience and tools required, to run
> 1.3 thru it's paces. It does no good, at this point, to release
> ALPHA versions just to get numerous reports that "It's not
> working" or "this is wrong" with no feedback about what could
> possibly _fix_ it.

Yeah, I accept the point.  Perhaps the fact that you want fix-reports
instead of bug-reports could've been clearer in the apache-announce
message (although on re-reading it I can see that this was intended).

The main reason I feel binaries are necessary is that it really is a
pain  to compile C code on NT vs. UNIX especially if you have a
different version of MSVC++.  I'd like to be able to run the binary and
refer to the source if I think there's a problem.  But I guess I can
live with a compilation for now...

- Sean 
Sean McDermott,                         WWW:
ICL Information Technology Centre.      Tel: +353 1 2956644

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