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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/src CHANGES http_core.c mod_alias.c
Date Tue, 08 Jul 1997 05:36:50 GMT
At 09:45 PM 7/7/97 -0700, Alexei Kosut wrote:
>akosut      97/07/07 21:45:31
>  Modified:    htdocs/manual  new_features_1_3.html
>               htdocs/manual/mod  core.html directives.html mod_alias.html
>               src       CHANGES http_core.c mod_alias.c
>  Log:
>  Enable regex support in mod_alias with AliasMatch, ScriptAliasMatch and
>  RedirectMatch directives.
>  New syntax for regex support in http_core: <DirectoryMatch>,
>  <FilesMatch>, <LocationMatch> sections.

Oy, that one slipped through my fingers before I could respond.  Alexei did
the right thing by committing it having addressed others' concerns, but I
will personally say that I don't like adding six new directives when it
could be accomplished some other way.  This wins on simplicity and
backwards compatibility, I guess.  But I'd like a *commitment* on reducing
the number of directives for 2.0 - merging AliasMatch and Alias for
example, and doing away with ScriptAlias completely.  We could facilitate
this by providing a script for conversion of old config files, much as the
bind folks did for the 4.x series to 8.x.  I.e. convert "Alias /icons
/usr/local/etc/httpd/icons" to "Alias ^/icons /usr/local/etc/httpd/icons".  


p.s. - doesn't this make Dean's <Directory> optimizations harder to do?  

"Why not?" - TL  - -

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