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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Dynamic loading of Windows modules (+mod_dll.c_
Date Tue, 08 Jul 1997 03:46:40 GMT
At 08:21 PM 7/7/97 -0700, Alexei Kosut wrote:
>Well, as people have pointed out, the whole Apache installation issue is
>screwed up WRT having the server run from its source directory. We should
>have a make install that puts the files in /usr/local/etc/httpd

Hmm, I'm not sure what's considered "standard" for third-party system
daemons; ssh puts itself in /usr/local/sbin, ftpd in /usr/local/etc, qmail
in /var/qmail/bin :) qpopper in /usr/local/bin, etc.  I say /usr/local/bin
is fine for suexec, httpd and other support programs, and
/usr/local/etc/httpd for config files.  Lockfiles by *default* should be in
/tmp or the logdir or something.  And the man page of course in

>I personally am ambivilent as to whether or not
>the Apache binary should be called 'httpd' or 'apache'; apache is somewhat
>more descriptive of the product, httpd is descriptive of the purpose,
>which is somewhat traditional in Unix.

Keep it to httpd.

>I certainly feel we should keep with "apache" for Windows, as "httpd" is
>next-to-meaningless in that context.



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