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From Gary Wisniewski <>
Subject Re: User Root Frontpage Fun
Date Sun, 13 Jul 1997 01:47:02 GMT
>I seem to recall Cliff and I coming up with a solution for front page...
>but I forget what it was because I forget what the heck front page wants
>root for.

FrontPage 1.1 wants root so it can restart httpd whenever it makes
changes to srm.conf on behalf of the FP user.

FrontPage 1.2 extensions no longer requires this providing you
hack up mod_alias.c to their specifications.

See my posting "FrontPage mod_alias fiddling" for some details about
how I worked-around all this.


Gary Wisniewski
Spider Eye Studios Pty. Ltd., Australia, +61 3 9415 6700
[Formerly GUI Online Productions]

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