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From Gary Wisniewski <>
Subject FrontPage mod_alias fiddling
Date Sun, 13 Jul 1997 01:45:02 GMT
Has anybody considered putting the FrontPage ScriptAlias
extensions into mod_alias.c?

Basically, when you get the newest FP extensions, it hacks
into the Apache sources during installation to allow things
	ScriptAlias */bin
But also adds
	ScriptAlias */bin webuser

Essentially, in addition to adding the wildcards for ScriptAlias,
it also checks that cgi scripts are owned by "webuser" (or
any user, specifically) and refuses to run them otherwise.

It annoys me that Microsoft advises you to hack up your
existing Apache directives, rather than simply adding a module
themselves.  So, I actually created a module called
which makes this legal:
	FpScriptAlias */bin webuser

Essentially, I cleaned-up Microsoft's hacks and put together
a reasonable module which does the same thing. I don't like changing the
meaning of existing directives.

One of the *good* things about Microsoft's change is that,
assuming you have it installed, FP no longer requires
server restart (or Root privs) to have the extensions operate

Would it be useful to create a doc page on FP extensions,
and this sort of stuff, including mod_fpalias, or perhaps
a modified mod_alias which does what Microsoft wants?



Gary Wisniewski
Spider Eye Studios Pty. Ltd., Australia, +61 3 9415 6700
[Formerly GUI Online Productions]

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