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From Gary Wisniewski <>
Subject Re: ASP support in Apache
Date Fri, 11 Jul 1997 00:29:40 GMT
>But perhaps we can change this.  If we can make both mod_perl and mod_php
>perform well with Apache-NT and given that both have ODBC capabilities, it
>might make ASP support rather redundant.  To me, it is more important that
>I can take a Unix web site and stick it on Apache-NT and have it work

mod_perl won't help, since it's really just a faster way to write CGI scripts,
and ASP takes people away from writing CGI and embeds the language 
within the HTML code.  So, mod_php is a much closer comparison.

But, mod_php (no offense, please), doesn't stand a chance against the
Visual Basic Juggernaut, because VB is ubiquitous on the NT platform, and
is embedded in every Office 97 product. Soon Windows itself will have
it's own "csh equivalent" for administrative and control purposes based
upon VB.  So, end-users, developers, sysadmins (a growing community
under NT) are all totally comfortable with ASP right now, and it will become
totally entrenched.

I don't think ASP needs to be in conflict with the notion of having Unix
Web sites transportable transparently to NT.  I think it's just fills-in the
gaps and reduces the number of obstacles to Apache adoption under NT.
mod_php, mod_perl, etc. should also work on both platforms, so Unix
people can easily step into a world they know and love.  But, trying to
convince the current ASP users to try something else is pointless, I'm afraid.

I'm not, by the way, arguing that ASP or VB are superior technologies.
That's a different discussion.  I just know the market.   Hopefully, the
of technologies like PHP/FI, perl, and otherwise will at least dilute some
of the MS-entricity and give people more choices.

p.s.  For those unfamilar with ASP, here's a page which outputs ten lines
in a ul list:
    <% For Counter = 1 to 10 %>
    <li>This is line number <%= Counter %>
    <% Next %>

Looks familiar, eh?

Gary Wisniewski
Spider Eye Studios Pty. Ltd., Australia, +61 3 9415 6700
[Formerly GUI Online Productions]

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