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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: [STATUS] 1.3
Date Thu, 03 Jul 1997 20:54:35 GMT
At 11:32 PM 7/2/97 -0700, Dean Gaudet wrote:
>It's never too early.  We want a beta out on the 15th right?  So next week
>I want to stuff a lot of the pending features in.  I don't want them to
>miss 1.3 ... we could hold off feature freeze until Aug 15, and just get
>some betas out there to decrease the NT bug fix cycle. 

+1 on that idea.  I really want to see modules available as .dll's so
binary distributions will be really empowered, and Alexei's working on
that, but it might not make first beta, which I'm cool with.  Of course I'd
also like to see a mod_asp and mod_isapi, but that's probably unrealistic
in our time frame :)

All the below are MHO of course (like I need to say that here!)  Any +1's
are on the concept, not necessarily the patch.

>Anyhow, here's the list that used to piggyback the 1.2 beta status
>announcements, with some comments.
>If people want to repost the patches involved below that'd be great.
>Otherwise next week I'll start digging them out of the archives.
>And this doesn't even consider any of the suspended PRs.
>  * Fix mod_negotiation to follow latest TCN draft
>    Petr Lampa wants to work on this.

We should keep up with the proposals, in my opinion, but only the ones
which seem stable.  con-neg has gone through a number of revolutions over
the last year...

>  * Doug MacEachern's [PATCH] merge dbm auth configs
>        Status: The question is, should we be merging auth configs?
>                Ken says not by default and not unless it's configurable.

Merging per-dir authentication should be designed to operate consistantly
no matter what type of database is used, and it should be intuitive - if a
resource is protected by two different databases the same user/password
combo should have to appear in both to be allowed access.  

>  * redo lingering_close to check for old sockets to close out before
>    accept() in child.
>	Status: doesn't look to be overly clean to do in the current
>	framework.  Will not have time to do implementation for this
>	beta in any case.  If it turns out to be a big issue,
>	could go in later.  (1.2.1?)

This should wait for 2.0, when we'll have multithreading which will make
this easier.  Unless someone wants to figure out a way for old sockets to
be shunted to a multithreaded "closing" process, perhaps, though that work
will be thrown away mostly, so in my opinion it's not worth the time.

>  * Marc wants to have a check to be sure
>    log directory(ies) isn't writable by anyone except the user starting
>    the server.  The posting in bugtraq only highlites the problem.
>    Needs override.  See NCSA code for sample implem.
>	Status: Marc busy writing

+1 on concept for 1.3.

[various porting issues]

+1 when patches have been provided or access to a machine is easy.  
Obscure OS's need advocates on this list!

>  * Jim has patch for time taken to handle a request in status module
>    Let's see it Jim!

If it's not easy and clean, wait for 2.0.  

>  * status report shows PIDs in empty slots, user supplied some sort
>     of patch; behavior now is correct, but perhaps some cleanup of
>     how the results are displayed could be done after 1.2...
>     <>

Doesn't look like "behavior now correct", the PID on empty slots should be
"-" or something.  1.3.

>Contrib stuff / future:
>  * Chris Adams <> patch to mod_log_config to add %m and %c.

1.3, if the patch is clean.

>  * mod_log_config patch for conditional logging
>	Status: contrib, not in server

Yeah, conditions gets into the whole config file proposed syntax issue...

>  * Ed has an updated patch for limiting connections per IP

1.3, definitely - this is an issue for high-volume sites whenever NT IE
decided to spam us.

>  * mod_include could use boyer-moore searching for <!--# and/or it could
>    mmap the file.

+1 for 1.3.

>  * add some setlocale stuff?
>    See PR#679 for an example of a problem with locales.

+1 for a simple solution (i.e. compile-time hack) in 1.3.

>  * status module available from .htaccess files; Ken posted patch


>  * provided a patch for mod_imap to make it more
>    friendly with MS FrontPage map files.  Available in
>    <>

I would say contrib but it'd be nice if apache NT and FrontPage worked well
together.  +1 for 1.3.

>  * Dean's gif89 and expires hack
>    <>


>  * get_local_host and NIS patch fo SunOS 4
>    <Pine.NEB.3.95.970320210733.4149H-100000@localhost>

+1 for 1.3

>  * internationalized documentation

Oy.  ongoing.  As much as I'd like to trust con-neg based language
negotiation, I think beyond the home page it'll be a tough sell to the
mirrors.  Which means that we can still do, but the links
between .jp pages should be explicit.

>  * pagecounter extension to mod_include
>    <>


>  * mod_expires improvements from "Miguel A.L. Paraz" <>
>    at <>

+0, though apache could score points with the proxy/cache community by
encouraging cache friendliness.

>  * add is_initial_req() function

+1 for 1.3.

>  * A CIDRized access list patch such as the one supplied in
>    <>

+1 for 1.3.

>  * PR#344: 64-bit cleanups
>    Dean has an OSF/1 login, and has leads on an openbsd/alpha and
>    linux/alpha login.  Patch next week hopefully.

+1 for 1.3.


"Why not?" - TL       - -

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