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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject [STATUS] Apache 1.2.2 (Tue 29-Jul-1997 21:14 MET DST)
Date Tue, 29 Jul 1997 19:14:52 GMT

STATUS for Apache 1.2.2 

Patches already committed: 
(see ``src/CHANGES'' file for more details)

    o PR#813,814: obscure proxy stuff (case on Host:, etc.)
    o PR#797: fix mod_include logging a little...
    o PR#832: solaris -HUP problem with slack fd
    o PR#378 part 1: Fix handling of request body in core
    o API Symbol APACHE_RELEASE provides numeric form
    o PR#094: revisited

Patches available: 
(see appended MIME-part ``patches.txt'' for diff snippets)

    o [patch.pr848]
      Marc's patch for PR#848: 
      treat <files> container like other containers in mod_info. 
      (already in 1.3)
      Status: Dean +1, RSE +1, Ken +1, Jim +1

    o [patch.pr815]
      Kenichi Hori <>'s patch for PR#815: 
      get_client_block() returns wrong length if policy is
      (already in 1.3)
      Status: Dean +1, RSE +1, Jim +1

    o [patch.pr875]
      Dean's MSIE 4.0 PR2 workaround for PR#875:
      "force-response-1.0" now only applies to requests which are HTTP/1.0 to
      begin with.  "nokeepalive" now works for HTTP/1.1 clients.  Added
      "downgrade-1.0" which causes Apache to pretend it received a 1.0.
      mod_browser now triggers during translate_name to workaround a
      deficiency in the header_parse phase.
      (already in 1.3)
      Status: Dean +1, Roy +1, RSE +1, Jim +1

    o [patch.pr868]
      Dean's patch for PR#421, PR#868: 
      mod_auth_anon logs multiple times
      (already in 1.3)
      Status: Dean +1, RSE +1, Dirk v. Gulik +1, Ken +1, Jim +1

    o [patch.pr748]
      Dean's patch for PR#748: 
      mod_imap infinite loop for references above the server root
      Status: RSE +0, ** NEEDS TESTING **

    o [patch.modrewrite]
      RSE's totally new patch to bring mod_rewrite up to date for Apache
      1.2.2: I've collected and reconstructed all bugfixes we already have in
      1.3 to be workable with the 1.2 sources. Actually the resulting version
      is the one from 1.3 minus NT stuff, minus the 64Bit-casting stuff, minus
      new API hooks, etc.
      (already in 1.3)
      Status: RSE +1, Jim +1

    o [patch.modinclude]
      Howard Fear's patch to cleanup mod_include:
      handle_else was being used to handle endif. 
      It didn't cause problems, but it was cleaned up too.
      (already in 1.3)
      Status: RSE +1, Ken -0, Jim +1
    o [patch.solarisdup]
      Dean's patch for the solaris which superseeds
      "PR#832: solaris -HUP problem with slack fd"
      Status: Dean +1, RSE +0, Ken +1

    o [patch.chunkerr]
      Dean's "[PATCH] 1.2.2: obscure chunking error":
      While chunking, it is possible to exit bwrite() or bflush() without
      having started the next chunk.  It should only happen when there's a
      write error ... but in some cases it would return without setting the
      error flags.
      Status: Dean +1, RSE +0 ** NEEDS TESTING **

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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