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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] loglevels (continued)
Date Sat, 26 Jul 1997 18:37:29 GMT

I have some time today to spend on this and would like to put it to 

I spent some time implementing Dirk's suggested levels outlined 

/* 0xABCD
 * A = 0,1 	fatal/non-fatal
 * B = 0..3 	investigate now ... ignore
 * C = 0,1	expected / unexpected
 * D = 0...F	boring .. really cool
#define APLOG_INT		0x1314	/* fatal Apache error occured, abort */
#define APLOG_FATAL		0x1203	/* fatal system error occured, abort */
#define APLOG_TERM 		0x1102	/* Apache had to terminate */
#define APLOG_CNF_ERROR 	0x1012	/* config error, cannot continue */
#define APLOG_CNF_CONFLICT 	0x1001	/* config conflict, cannot continue */
#define APLOG_CNF_WARNING 	0x0000	/* configuration warning */
#define APLOG_ERROR		0x0314	/* error occured, submit bug report */
#define APLOG_SERIOUS		0x0203	/* serious error, check the docs/faq */
#define APLOG_WARNING		0x0102	/* warning, investigate */
#define APLOG_INFO 		0x0001	/* general information */
#define APLOG_DEBUG	 	0x0000	/* cause we are humans */

However, it still presents the limitations that Ken argues against 
below. I would like to tackle this using Ken's suggestions. If 
there is anyone present who absolutely hates the methods below, 
please speak up now so that I don't waste time.

> >From the fingers of (I forget whom) flowed the following:
> >
> >> Although I like the idea of different error logging levels, one
> >> thing that has always bothered me with the concept (in general)
> >> is that what is "information" and what is "debugging" is murky.
>     There are some things about a wholly-hierarchical model that bother
>     me, at least one that has only a single hierarchy.  If you want to
>     see results that are normally logged at INFO level, you
>     automatically have to include everything above it as well.
>     I'd like to see a combination of a level and a mask.  Assuming a set
>     of levels (e.g., CRITICAL, HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, and INFO), the
>     loglevel would indicate that events of that level and higher should
>     be logged - but the mask would let you additionally log events at a
>     specific level.  E.g., loglevel=HIGH and mask=LOW|INFO would log
>     everything except MEDIUM.
>     I'd also like to see a set of unhierarchical categories (call 'em
>     COND_A through COND_E) that would require explicit enabling.  That
>     could assist in debugging without disturbing the actual
>     error-logging configuration.
>     Oh, and I like the idea of being able to increment/decrement the
>     active logging level with signals, a la named, but with USR1 already
>     bound to graceful restarts that might be difficult.
>     All right, I'm donning my asbestos tuxedo now..
>     #ken    :-)}

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