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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Response to the NT announcement (+NT suggestions)
Date Thu, 24 Jul 1997 15:45:58 GMT
Sean McDermott wrote:
> Well, that's the way our products for the Apache bit..
> Some suggestions I have for Apache are below - not necessarily
> short-term tasks but here goes...
> 1. *Always* have a binary distribution for NT (even for "alpha"
> releases).  The binary release should cater for different module
> configuration options, probably by loading DLLs.  It's normal to have
> source-code only for UNIX but not for NT.


Although it's for certain that binaries will be made available
for the golden 1.3 release (and maybe some betas), the group is depending
on NT people, who have the experience and tools required, to run
1.3 thru it's paces. It does no good, at this point, to release
ALPHA versions just to get numerous reports that "It's not
working" or "this is wrong" with no feedback about what could
possibly _fix_ it. 

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