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From Martijn Koster <>
Subject Re: config files stuff
Date Thu, 17 Jul 1997 14:48:26 GMT
On Thu, Jul 17, 1997 at 01:17:18AM -0700, Dean Gaudet wrote:
> Ok then +1, but I'd prefer if AccessConfig and ResourceConfig make use of
> the new code.

Having looked at it a little, the difficulty is that the semantics are
different: AccessConfig means "replace the name of the second file to
be read", whereas ConfigFiles mean "Load these files in order after
the current file". Consider:

ConfigFile aaa
ConfigFile bbb
AccessConfig foo
AccessConfig bar

You'd want bar-aaa-bbb.

So to be backwards compatible you need to preserve this difference,
and that requires "the name of the second file to be read" etc. to be
stored somewhere. Then you might as well keep it explict and clear, in
its current place, no? Otherwise I fear the code is becoming
unnecesarrily complex.

Of course I'd be inclined to see "bugger compatibility", nuke all
traces of AccessConfig/ResourceConfig alltogether, and force people to
do explicit ConfigFiles if they want them :-)

I sat down and produced some more general code to implement multiple
config files than the explicit calls to named .conf files hack I'd
done before, and came up with the attached, failry untested, patch
against stock 1.2.1. I don't normally use fancy configs/virtual hosts,
so I have little idea if this is the correct way of doing it. Also
note it is not an IncludeConfig.


-- Martijn Koster,

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