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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: ASP support in Apache
Date Thu, 17 Jul 1997 13:31:44 GMT
Gary Wisniewski <> wrote:

> At 12:41 15/07/97 -0400, Doug MacEachern wrote:
> >> mod_perl won't help, since it's really just a faster way to write CGI
> scripts,
> >No, that's only a small part of what mod_perl gives you:
> >(from the mod_perl README)
> [clip]
> >I don't know much about ASP, but Apache/Perl modules  such as
> >Apache::Embperl, Apache::ePerl and Apache::SSI provide a few ways to
> >handle Perl embedded in HTML files.
> Let me clarify a bit.  I didn't mean to say anything disparaging about
> mod_perl,

I know you didn't mean to, but it's a common misunderstanding that
mod_perl is just for speeding up Perl CGI scripts.  I just want it to
be clear that there's much more it can do.

> but I believe ASP and PHP/FI are fundamentally different in that they
> emphasize
> HTML as the foundation so that non-programmers can more easily
> create active pages.
> Maybe mod_perl could be packaged as such and SSI use of mod_perl
> could be made into the same kind of embedded language.  But, to
> get logic flow and other things to seamlessly operate spanning HTML
> boundaries would be essentially heading down a different design
> track.

Apache::ePerl and Apache::Embperl already give you this.

> There are lots and lots of people who can easily "cut-and-paste" bits
> of ASP or PHP/FI code, as well as JavaScript, into their pages to make
> them work, without really understanding sequential logic per-se.   I believe
> it would be much more difficult for the same people to exploit any of
> the features of mod_perl.

I've looked at Perl ASP scripts briefly, mod_perl support could be
added from what I can see.  If it's difficult to implement, that's
okay, that makes it more fun (for me anyway :-)

> Why is this important?
> Well, ASP is creating the same awareness of server-side script authoring as
> JavaScript did for client-side.  Microsoft is pushing it harder and harder,
> and there are Wizards for FP97 which insert ASP code, etc.  Judging from
> the number of books being written on ASP, and the "anybody can create
> active pages" approach,  it's working quite well.
> So, from an Apache point of view, ASP is the icing on the cake which
> would open the eyes of those who are now being wooed into believing
> that IIS is a "next generation server" and that ASP is a revolutionary
> invention.  It's much easier to just give people ASP than to try to convince
> them of the technical merits of various server-side authoring technologies.
> I'm not praising ASP, believe me.  It's simply a strategy issue in attempting
> to create an Apache for NT which has appeal to both those knowledgable
> about Apache as well as those who are not, which under NT will be the
> majority of potential users.

Good points, I'll have to take a serious look at all this soon.


> Gary
> ------------------------------
> Gary Wisniewski
> Spider Eye Studios Pty. Ltd., Australia, +61 3 9415 6700
> [Formerly GUI Online Productions]

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