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From Martin Kraemer <>
Subject [PATCH] Intranet Patch to Apache-1.2.1
Date Tue, 15 Jul 1997 19:47:26 GMT

Here's a patch to Apatche-1.2.1 which adds two directives which are
useful in an intranet environment where Apache runs as a proxy server.

*   The "NoProxy" directive is modeled after most browsers' NoProxy
    configuration item: it bypasses the configured ProxyRemote server
    for all domain / IPAddrs / SubnetAddrs / Hostnames which were given
    as arguments to the NoProxy directive. In contrast to the other
    mod_proxy directives this directive knows the semantic difference
    between host names (even multihomed)m domain names, IP addresses,
    and subnet addresses and matches the requests accordingly.
*   The "ProxyDomain" directive sends an external redirection response
    for all requests that lack a domain name in the request
    (e.g., http://somehost/   ->
    The latter directive could eventually be superceded by the new
      RedirectMatch ([a-zA-Z]://[-a-zApZ0-9_]+)/?(.*) $$2
    directive, if it works for proxy requests as well.

	ProxyRemote  *
	NoProxy      .my.dom.ain  192.168.123/24
	ProxyDomain  .my.dom.ain

This patch was developed at home, you are free to use it under the
Apache License, either integrate it, add it as contrib/, or throw it
away. I have been using the patched version in our company's intranet
with success. It could be improved DNS-lookup-wise (only look up a given
host once), but could prove valuable for those who are stuck in the same
(intranet) situation as I was.

Cheers, and a 1000 thanks for a great tool,
| S I E M E N S |  <>  |      Siemens Nixdorf
| ------------- |   Voice: +49-89-636-46021     |  Informationssysteme AG
| N I X D O R F |   FAX:   +49-89-636-44994     |   81730 Munich, Germany
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My opinions only, of course; pgp key available on request

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