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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: Review of Apache
Date Tue, 15 Jul 1997 18:03:25 GMT wrote:

> > In particular, the "we want to connect to a Microsoft SQL server" bit
> > concerns me.  I would probably suggest we point them at PHP and its ODBC
> > connectivity.
> mod_php's ODBC connectivity is not ready for primetime yet.
> > >*As part of this evaluation, we want to do a connect to a Microsoft 
> > >SQL Database that we will have sitting on another server.  We are 
> > >asking for the vendors' best advice as to how to do it with their 
> > >respective product ,and for them to provide the software to do it if 
> > >they have it available.
> mod_php currently supports mSQL 1.0.x, mSQL 2.0.x, Postgres95, PostgreSQL,
> MySQL, FilePro, Illustra, Sybase, Oracle and Solid.  ODBC support is being
> tested, but I am not really comfortable with it yet.  Why the heck are they
> limiting the test to only MS SQL?  It would be nice if they would also 
> compare how many of the other web servers can talk to all the various
> free or nearly free databases out there.  A lot of people don't have $1200
> to throw at MS SQL Server (myself included).
> Doug, any ODBC Perl module that works with mod_perl that we can suggest?

There is Win32::ODBC, but apache-nt is not ready for such a review yet,
right?  If we're sticking with unix, there's DBI:

which has drivers for most of the db's you mention above and more.  An
ODBC layer is in the works.  I've heard Sybperl/DBD::Sybase can talk
to MS SQL server, I'll see if I can try it out this afternoon. 

Also, recent DBI releases added support so DBI users can add (in
apache *.conf):

 PerlModule Apache::DBI

and DBI connections become persistent.


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