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From (Ralf S. Engelschall)
Subject RSE/mod_rewrite and FUTURE
Date Fri, 11 Jul 1997 16:08:12 GMT

After a long time of waiting ;-) now I've got CVS access these days, so I now
feel like a real Apache Group member (sorry, but this point was essential for
me) and here is my resulting engagement for mod_rewrite in the next time.

   1. Bring CVS version up to date
      I've already posted the patch to bring mod_rewrite 3.0.6+ in the
      repository to the current state (3.0.9). I'll wait for votes and then
      commit this patch.

   2. Close the official mod_rewrite webarea ****
      First, I will stop to maintainance mod_rewrite any longer as an own
      private distribution. Instead I'll state that mod_rewrite-3.0.9.tar.gz
      is the last available mod_rewrite distribution (which can be used with
      the current Apache 1.2.1). Second, the webarea will be closed.

   3. Gift mod_rewrite to the Apache Group ****
      First I'll remove my personal copyright from the sources, so removing
      the shared copyright stuff. Then mod_rewrite is _ONLY_ copyrighted by
      the Apache Group in the future. Only a CREDIT-part will be left in the
      source as a C-comment, I think. Second I'll remove the version
      numbering, because now mod_rewrite is maintained _WITH_ Apache, so it
      inherits its version number implicitly.

   4. Import parts of the official mod_rewrite docs to Apache

      Because now there is no more mod_rewrite distribution, the exhaustive
      documentation of mod_rewrite will be lost.  I'll start a discussion and
      voting how to import some essential parts of it (Solutions, FAQ, etc.)
      into the Apache docs in the best way. We only have to make sure that
      nothing is lost for the users.
   5. Start to move mod_rewrite into modules/rewrite/ dir

      I want to move mod_rewrite into modules/rewrite/ and split it into
      smaller junks of code to be better maintainable.

   ...maintaining, developing/changing for Apache 2.0 API, etc...

Please give me feedback.

                                       Ralf S. Engelschall

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