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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: ABOUT_APACHE on WWW.Apache.Org
Date Thu, 10 Jul 1997 17:06:36 GMT
> >Caution, in absence of another Apache mailing list, publishing info about
> >new-httpd too widely could be a mistake.  I welcome new developers, but
> >remain wary of new-httpd turning silly.  There is already enough...
> Is there a reason why new-httpd is a mailing list instead of a quasi-private
> news server?  I am new here, and have lots of expertise and time to
> contribute.    But, the mailing list is so (wonderfully) active, that
> finding the
> right "thread" where my time would be most well spent and useful is
> quite difficult.  In fact, I try to keep a low-profile rather than clutter
> the mailing list with
> "newbie" junk.
> It appears that there is a relatively stable core group that's been around
> for a while, and that in the presence of a larger group of contributors, a
> single list may become somewhat overwhelming to newcomers and
> old time residents as well.
> Just an observation.
> Gary

Threading mail readers are very cool. Check out exmh2.  :-)

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