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From Nathan J Kurz <>
Subject Is HARD_SERVER_LIMIT necessary?
Date Wed, 09 Jul 1997 15:59:49 GMT
I've been wondering why HARD_SERVER_LIMIT needs to be defined at all.
It looks like MaxClients could be used instead in all cases except for
the declaration of the scoreboard struct in scoreboard.h:

short_score servers[HARD_SERVER_LIMIT];

Couldn't the scoreboard be defined like:

typedef struct
    short_score *scoreboard_start;
    global_score global;
    } scoreboard;

and the individual elements in the scoreboard accessed as an offset
from scoreboard_start?

Am I missing something?  Should I write a patch to do this? Because it
would make tuning a lot easier if you didn't have to recompile with a


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