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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: JPL's rocketing webservers
Date Tue, 08 Jul 1997 13:41:31 GMT
> At 08:49 PM 7/7/97 -0700, sameer wrote:
> >Which is of course a big MT plus. with MT won't need so much RAM.
> Perhaps not a huge amount, as Dean has been arguing.  What OS is JPL's
> servers running?  I'd guess Irix since that's what SGI's press release told
> me :)

Slowlaris 2.5

These servers are handling The actual Pathfinder 
server is a separate unit provided by SGI and last I looked running 
Netscape. Currently unable to answer a HEAD request.

> They did turn off hostnamelookups, right? 


> And parsing for .htaccess files?

As much as possible.

> And unloaded any modules they didn't need?

As much as possible. These servers are used for individual projects 
as well.

> When we tuned the server on the largest site we ever hosted, stripping out
> the non-essential modules (i.e. mod_cgi, mod_dir!) we were able to handle
> 300-400 simultaneous children on a 128MB DEC Alpha 233mhz running OSF/1,
> and hitting bursts of 80-100 hits/sec with a sustained average around 60-65
> hits/sec.  We still didn't sufficiently satisfy the demand in my opinion
> (the accept() queue took 10-15 seconds to get through) but the point is
> that there might be a lot more tuning possible.

They were averaging ~550 simul children. They serve quite a few big 
graphic files, so 34/sec might be doing pretty well. Dunno. It 
would be fun to tweak on this some more, but they might get tired 
of me. :-)

> 	Brian
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