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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject Re: connection handles
Date Tue, 08 Jul 1997 04:33:52 GMT
Dean Gaudet <> wrote:

> Well the proxy uses BUFF * as well.  The only thing I'm really debating is
> whether this belongs in BUFF or in conn_rec.  I'd lean towards
> putting it in conn_rec... but I'm not the one using it :)

conn_rec would be fine too, in terms of time-n-place requirements.
> What would happen if you tried both SSL and RPC (or whatever combo) in the
> same server?  How would the layering affect the handle?  Normally this sort
> of thing is dealt with by a vector with an entry for each module.

That's kinda why I called it "transport handle", it might happen that
ssl and rpc are configured into the same server, but I can't see using
more than one transport protocol for a given request (talking to
client (browser) anyhow).  The creation of module per-request configs
currently happens too late to be used for this.  per-server configs
are no good for storing per-request data in a thread model.


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