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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/src CHANGES alloc.c alloc.h http_protocol.c http_protocol.h mod_cgi.c util_script.c util_script.h
Date Sun, 06 Jul 1997 13:25:54 GMT
Randy Terbush wrote:
> Uh, I would like to see some comments regarding this before it is 
> commited. Granted I did not veto it, but without some explanation, 
> I will. For one thing, it commits code that is commented out with 
> #if 0.
> I raised several questions for which I saw no answer.
> I would like to see us go back to the voting system for 1.3.

Me too (ie: voting).

PS: Any further votes on the status update patch?
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