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From Ian Kluft <>
Subject mod_mime_magic available
Date Thu, 03 Jul 1997 00:05:50 GMT
This is something I've been hoping for a while to get approval for.  I got
approval from my manager (and his director, even though I didn't ask) to
make available the "mod_mime_magic" module we've been using internally for
a year.  Their opinions were that it's time to return something to Apache
since we've benefitted from it.


mod_mime_magic is derived from the free version of the file(1) command, to
determine a file's MIME type based on "magic numbers" and other hints from
its contents.  It's intended to be used as a last resort when the server
can't determine the MIME type any other way.  We found it very useful for
an environment where there are many users publishing their own files -
too many to get them to always name their files with recognizable suffixes.

Another use has been to determine the difference between overloaded suffixes,
such as ".doc" which is used by both MS Word and Frame.  We have lots of
each.  By omitting .doc from our mime.types file, mod_mime_magic tells
the difference by looking at the file.

I've added it to the Apache Module Registry.
Ian Kluft  KO6YQ PP-ASEL                                  Cisco Systems, Inc. (work) (home)          San Jose, CA

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