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From (Rasmus Lerdorf)
Subject Very strange bug in mod_dir
Date Wed, 25 Jun 1997 03:37:15 GMT
I have the following .htaccess file in a directory:

AddDescription "Hanne Boel - Silent Violence" silent.mp3 
AddDescription "Hanne Boel - Soundtrack of a Night" night.mp3 
AddDescription "Hanne Boel - Broken Angel" angel.mp3 
AddDescription "Hanne Boel - Song of the Land" land.mp3 
AddDescription "Hanne Boel - What a Woman Sees" woman.mp3 
AddDescription "Sanne Salomonsen - Hende Eller Mig" hende.mp3 
AddDescription "Pulp Fiction" pahb.mp3 
AddDescription "Frente! - Girl" girl.mp3 
AddDescription "Frente! - Burning Girl" burngirl.mp3 

When I hit the page, I get:

 Parent Directory       23-Jun-97 11:16      -  
 angel.mp3              21-Jun-97 21:45   3.9M  Hanne Boel - Broken An>
 burngirl.mp3           21-Jun-97 19:56   2.4M  Frente! - Girl
 girl.mp3               23-Jun-97 23:55   2.5M  Frente! - Girl
 hende.mp3              22-Jun-97 12:56   5.0M  Sanne Salomonsen - Hen>
 land.mp3               21-Jun-97 22:20   3.6M  Hanne Boel - Song of t>
 night.mp3              21-Jun-97 20:52   5.2M  Hanne Boel - Soundtrac>
 pahb.mp3               24-Jun-97 13:50   2.3M  Pulp Fiction
 silent.mp3             21-Jun-97 19:58   5.2M  Hanne Boel - Silent Vi>
 woman.mp3              22-Jun-97 00:36   4.2M  Hanne Boel - What a Wo>

Note the repeated "Frente! - Girl" description.  How the heck did that
happen?  If I flip the order of the last two lines in the .htaccess, the
output is correct.

I have been hunting through the mod_dir.c code for this one, but I don't
see it.


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