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From (Rasmus Lerdorf)
Subject Re: NT and modules
Date Wed, 18 Jun 1997 04:03:07 GMT
> I'd love to see this done. We have a module (mod_dld.c) that links
> object files into the server at runtime using gdld. If someone wants
> to modify this to work with shared libraries in a way that works on
> many Unices, that'd be great. The last part seems to be the sticking
> point, if I recall correctly. A few years ago, when mod_dld was first
> written, I recall most Unix OSes doing this differently (if at
> all). Maybe that's changed, or maybe it was just wrong.
> Regardless, this has always been on my Apache 2.0 list - not shared
> libs per se, but just the ability to have modules loaded at runtime
> instead of at compile-time.

I have played a bit with mod_dld, and mod_php's Makefile actually comes
with the option of building mod_php to be loaded dynamically at runtime.

I don't really see any benefit to this though.  In a pre-forking
multi-process environment you get absolutely no performance benefit 
from dynamically linking in modules at runtime.  The only benefit is in
the convenience of not having to recompile to add a module.  This
convenience comes at the expense of a much more difficult compile of each

It would be nice to get to the point where Perl is.  Having a standard
mechanism to build a module and to make it available to Apache.  Then
doing something like a "Use mod_rewrite" in the httpd.conf file, or even
per-request in a .htaccess.  mod_dld is a very long way from something
like that.


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