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From (Rasmus Lerdorf)
Subject Re: Thoughts on a 2.0 API
Date Wed, 11 Jun 1997 03:52:45 GMT
> > Doug, is it conceivable that Perl could be used as a configuration
> > loader, but not be a part of the httpd executable?  Maybe with dld the
> > perl module can "unload" itself, but I guess I mean something even
> > more divided... 
> In this case, no.  That example pushes a subroutine reference into an
> array which mod_perl calls during the translate stage of a request.
> As for the example configuration in my previous message, if the perl
> runtime could be unloaded after the <Perl></Perl> sections were
> process, that would be fine, the config info will have already been
> stuffed into the internal config structures.  As for how to unload a C
> library symbol table, I have no idea.  But, if the concern is Perl's
> memory hogage, if it's used only to process config, the runtime won't
> grow nearly as large as it does once mod_perl starts pulling in big
> scripts and big modules such as, DBI, etc.

Keep in mind that you can't actually unload a dynamically loaded module on
most Unixes.  The data space will simply be marked as free for re-use, but
it will still be attached to the process. 

Both Linux and FreeBSD have funky code to get around this, but none of the
other Unixes do as far as I know.


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