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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Source reorganisation
Date Sun, 29 Jun 1997 17:33:37 GMT
I'm neutral on the tree changes.  But I'm +1 on the Configure features
allowing modules to have methods for tweaking CFLAGS and such. 

When the tree changes happen (I'm assuming they will) it's probably the
right time to start a second repository.  cp the entire repository and
then mv the actual ,v files around please so we don't lose history.

One thing I don't like about tree changes is that simple greps become find
-name '*.[ch]' | xargs grep... which I find a little longer to type ;) 


On Sun, 29 Jun 1997, Paul Sutton wrote:

> There has been some discussion about re-organising the source files. To
> give us something concrete to talk about, and possibly implement, I've
> attempted to do this. I've also implemented some of the requested features
> such as making it easier to install new (third-party) modules, and to
> allow modules to influence the configuration process.
> The system implements the following changes:
>   1. Source code re-organisation, with the "core" source and header files
>      moved into /src/core, os-specific files in /src/os/OSNAME, modules
>      in /src/modules/SOMETHING and support in /src/support. OS-specific
>      source and header files can be added.
>   2. Modules are easier to add and better organised. They can be placed
>      in _any_ subdirectory of /src/modules, and a suitable Makefile will
>      be auto-created if necessary. For example, all the default modules
>      could go into /src/modules/standard, all the auth modules into
>      /src/modules/auth, etc. Third-party modules can be dropped into any
>      new or existing directory. 
>   3. Modules can contain additional information used by "Configure". For
>      example, they can request extra libraries or add extra CFLAGS. This
>      can be specified either within the C-file itself (as a specially
>      formatted comment), or in a separted "module definition file", which
>      could be distributed with binary (.o or .a) modules.
> Besides moving the source files around, the main changes for this are to
> Configure itself. Since it does involve moving most of the source files, I
> cannot really send a working patch for the whole change. But I could send
> a patch for Configure if this seems like a good idea.
> I think it makes the Apache source tree easier to manage, allows us to
> start on OS abstraction, makes it easier to provide additonal modules and
> provides a better level of organisation to the source. It should also have
> _no_ effect on the stabilty of Apache itself, since there are no code
> changes.
> //pcs

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