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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Re: [2.0] proposed vhost config rewrite
Date Thu, 12 Jun 1997 08:57:32 GMT
On Tue, 10 Jun 1997, Dean Gaudet wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Jun 1997, Paul Sutton wrote:
> > For example, the every-popular request
> > to not log local accesses:
> You can not log local accesses now, just pump your log through a |.
> Or post-process it.  Why do you want to pay the cpu-penalty and
> latency inline with every request?

It is a popular request and means we can junk mod_log_referer (which has
RefererIgnore). Also if | is used, what happens if the child process dies?
Last time I looked (a long time ago) there is no inbuild way for Apache to
either notice or to restart it. Maybe it's more reliable now. 
> I am really concerned that this totally generic language is going to
> become one of our worst mistakes ever.  Reasons:

Yes, it could well be. However it might be better than putting essentially
the same code into several modules, which will increase the size of the
executable and make maintainence more difficult. At the moment the
mod_rewrite, mod_browser and mod_setenvif modules all perform some form of
conditional.  To add conditional logging into mod_log_config, the same
code would have to be added to this module as well. 


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