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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: NT Errors revisited
Date Fri, 27 Jun 1997 22:32:15 GMT
On Fri, 27 Jun 1997, Ben Laurie wrote:

> > I'm curious, though - does the current 1.3-dev work for you? I've seen no
> > indication that anyone has it working, but none that it fails to work for
> > anyone else but me.
> I only got the current 1.3-dev on NT about five minutes ago - giz a chance,
> guv!

Well, how long does it take to compile and run the thing? Actually, it can
take quite a while, if your NT machine crashes as often as mine does. I
don't think the OS I have installed like the Visual C++ I have installed.
But that's what I've come to expect from Microsoft products.

Actually, it does bring up an issue. The Windows makefiles that come with
1.3-dev are wrong. They appear to be for earlier versions of the software.
They refer to files that don't exist, don't include some files that do,
etc... Is this something we should fix? I'd hope so. I would, but I'm
using MSVC++ 5.0, and I believe the code was developed with 4.2. If I put
5.0 makefiles into Apache, I don't think it'd work with earlier versions.

What I guess I'm asking is, what restrictions do we want to put on who can
compile this thing on NT? While I think that for Unix, it's well and good
to make sure that Apache compiles on every and all OS and compiler
possible, I don't think PCs need neccessarily have that same concern,
since most users won't even have the ability to compile Apache, and the
OSes do not come with development tools at all (unlike Unices). The
current NT port requires Microsoft Visual C++. I have no problem with
this; my understanding is that this is the compiler used by the majority
of Windows developers. I don't know what version it requires, but I also
have no problem requiring the latest version (5.0?). Do we want to do

At any rate, the NT version does need this sort of fixing, as well as docs
on how to install the thing.

Well, it'd also be nice if it served web pages, but that's a seperate

-- Alexei Kosut <>

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