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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Status of Apache on Windows NT
Date Sat, 14 Jun 1997 02:33:04 GMT

We have had the following folks in limbo for too long;  I needed to tell
them something, and I think this was the right thing to tell them.  



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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 1997 19:27:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brian Behlendorf <>
To:,,,,,,,,,,, 75240.416@CompuServe.COM,,,,,,,,,,,,
Subject: Status of Apache on Windows NT

Sorry for the spam-like nature of this message.  You are being sent this
because at some point in the past you have expressed interest in assisting
with the development of Apache on NT.  This message is intended to give
you a status report of where we are, now that Apache 1.2 has been
released, and to invite you to join us in the development effort.

After a couple weeks of discussion, we have largely centered on the
following plan:

Release 1.2.x: security-related bugfixes to 1.2
Release 1.3:   NT support, a modest number of new improvements in
               functionality and speed
Release 2.0:   Better multiplatform support, multithreading, extended API,

In other words, we intend to release a version 1.3 whose primary new
feature is NT support, along with some modest improvements we wanted to
make before but couldn't due to a code freeze on 1.2 while we flushed out
all the bugs.  We intend to move quickly with this as well, as demand for
NT is evidently very large.  

We have been given a set of patches by a gentleman named Ambarish Malpani
which implements basic NT support.  Because NT does not have a fork/exec
model much like that on Unix, the NT port is multithreaded.  From first
glance Ambarish's port appears to be very solid; and within the next week
or two we intend to integrate it into the 1.3 development CVS tree.
Following that we will be cleaning it up a bit, abstracting things here
and there to reduce the number of #IFDEF'd sections, etc.  The hope is
that we can have a first beta in short order, and a 1.3 final by the end
of summer.  Also, the intent is to discover anything we can about NT which
would inform the development of 2.0.

Because NT support is going to be added directly into Apache, rather than
pursue a "parallel" development process, discussion on the NT port will
happen on the main Apache developer's forum, known as "new-httpd".  You
are hereby invited to join this list to assist with the development of the
NT port, or otherwise contribute.  Be aware that this list is also the
home for discussions about 2.0, for support issues related to 1.2, and is
also quite social, so be ready for 50-100 messages a day.  Also, it would
be quite informative to peruse the archives of the development effort at, including complete mail archives under the /mail/

To join, send a message to "" with the words 

  subscribe new-httpd

in the body of the message.  

As I stated above, the NT code will be integrated into the Apache CVS tree
over the next few weeks.  When that happens, there will be a CVS bundle
you can download for local development - in addition, cvsup is in the
stages of being installed, which will allow for you to keep your sources
current with the central development trees very efficiently.

We look forward to having a kick-ass NT server, removing one of the last
excuses for people to not use Apache  :)  

Thanks for your interest in Apache!



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