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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: dirk's faq additions
Date Sat, 21 Jun 1997 18:44:40 GMT
On Sat, 21 Jun 1997, Dean Gaudet wrote:

> I'm merging them in right now.  But I actually think it'd be a good idea
> of we started a set of architecture specific notes.  We already have the
> performance hints... but there are probably enough freebsd, linux, and
> solaris tips (at least) for things related to running apache that we could
> develop a set of pages for each.  Something like: 

Yes.  I have been meaning to do the same thing for a long time.  I would
prefer to keep most of the architecture specific stuff out of the FAQ
unless it is really frequently asked.  One example of something that
should stay would be the linux iovec thing.  One example of something that
could move would be... erm... no good examples there yet.  Then a link
from the FAQ to the os-specific pages could be added.

> FreeBSD:
> - the notes from the performance page
> - how to increase FD_SETSIZE

I would go for a *BSD* page that goes through the issues in general, then
has a list of which things apply to which BSD.  That way for BSDs that
aren't explicitly mentioned people can still get something out of it.

I can try to get to BSD...

> Linux:
> - the notes from Aram's perf page
> - pointers to patches to increase FD_SETSIZE
> Solaris:
> - a note saying run 2.5.1 + latest tcp/ip rollup
> - ndd command to bump up backlog
> - workarounds for 256 FILE * limit
> I'll do the linux one.  I could do an IRIX one too unless someone else
> wants to snag it, I am a few months rusty on irix. 
> We could put them in htdocs/manual/misc/arch-archname.html or create
> htdocs/manual/arch/archname/ ... I kinda prefer the latter in case we want
> to start including patches and such in our doc tree. 

I could go for either just an arch directory (or misc/arch/, but I'm not
sure that is necessary) or an arch/archname.  If we don't have a seperate
directory for each patch, it is just a matter of including the archname in
the patch name.

In any case, I would prefer at least one seperate directory for arch

We could probably then remove the os-specific performance pages after
merging them into the new ones, leaving a pointer of course.

This would be worth it for the "apache doesn't work with more than x
virtual hosts" PRs alone...  

BTW, is still broken.  Hehehe.  They fixed the record
with the bad TTL for after I whacked them on the head
with a clue, but they forgot the little detail of updating the serial
number, so their secondaries (erm... whatever they are; the NIC lists
some, they list others, and some of both aren't really secondaries) 
aren't updated. 

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